About Us

We are a company specializing in professional and complex interior design.

Federa is a place that that was born from the passion and the need to create individual, unique projects.

We are a group of people from different parts of Europe, but it was here in the Royal City of Krakow that we found each other in friendship and joined by common passion. Each of us has many years of experience in working in the sector of horeca, so we put our best efforts in making every  project and experience memorable. We are here and now because we care so much for what we do, because of our perfection and attention to detail and maybe a little bit of creative madness… Federa was founded with the intention to create unique, high quality products.

Thanks to our constant ( ongoing) cooperation ( relationship)with talented designers, our products are modern and original.

With all our joined experience we promise that when cooperating with us everyone has the gurantee of project prepared to highest standard at evrey stage of the process.